The USDG maintains a library of books, magazines, and DVD's to inspire and instruct our membership. These materials are available to check out and take home.

Please help us grow our library by donating fiber art media to the USDG library program.

We encourage you to become familiar with the collection listed in the printable PDF document linked below and contact our librarian, currently Sally Wilkinson, with your interests. For a detailed summary of any item just visit Amazon or Google. The link below will access the most current list of available media.

Lending Library Collection

Here's how it works:

1. Reserve an item via email with Sally Wilkinson. The item will be available to pick up at the next upcoming USDG meeting. (Or you can arrange to pick up/return the book from Sally’s porch)

2. Items are due for return in two months at the next USDG meeting. If an item is damaged or not returned, the replacement cost plus shipping will be assessed.